Our main tracking room is a 50X45X30ft concrete space with stage curtains on each wall. The reflective nature of stone, coupled with our room treatments such as the mysterious upside down pyramid mounted at the peak of the ceiling,  provide for a very unique sound that we feel adds a lot of character to recordings when utilized. The heavy curtain that surrounds the room reduces reflection to a minimum and is also able to be opened revealing stone walls as reflective surfaces for further exploration of ambience. The room has tie in points in two locations for microphones,instrument/speaker lines and headphones. 

Ceiling mounted is a pair of West Lake BBSM-15's as well as a Pair of vintage Altec 604-E's, both powered by Bryston Amplifiers processed by DBX crossovers and eq's.



The Centerpiece of IIWII's control room is a 56 Channel Focusrite Studio Console. This desk underwent a long rebuild process of combining two separate Focusrite Consoles of which only 10 were made. Loaded with the legendary Focusrite ISA 110 preamps, this desk is a formidable tracking tool with a punchy yet at the same time very transparent sound. 


::MIC PRES::                   
(8) API 512              
    Spectrasonics M502        
    Manley Dual Mono             
    Vintech 1272
    Neve 33609
    SSL Gcomp
(3) LA2A
(2) LA3A
    Manley Vari-Mu
    Trident CB-9146
    Tube-Tech LCA-2B
(2) Urie 1176
(6) DBX 160 (vintage)
(2) Lang PEQ-4                
    Pultec EQP1               
(2) Pultec HLF3C              
    GML 8200                  
(8) API 550

::EFFECTS PROCESSING::                 

    Echoplate II
    Lexicon PCM 41
    Lexicon PCM 42
    Lexicon 480L
    Space Echo                              


    Protools 10 192HD 32 I/O      
    APOGEE AD/DA 16X 64 I/O       
    Studer A800 2" 24 trk         
    ATR 102 w/ 1/2" heads
    ATR 102 w/ 1/4" heads   


    Yamaha NS10
    Genelec 1032a
    Fulcrum RM24



Its unlikely that you will spend much time here when recording however if you have a large party, are rehearsing, have crew or are in simply a need of escape, adjacent to the main room is a lounge with coffee machine, hot water machine for tea, fridges, a microwave and some space to sit down.


News & Updates




Lots of changes and updates to the studio recently. We've been excited to test run some new elements and build outs in the re-designed studio space. We've completed construction on our Isolation room located adjacent to our main room. The space was designed by Sam Berkow and SIA. We used the room for the first time on a Recording Session with Vince Giordano and his big band for the soundtrack to the TV Series "Z"

Earlier this winter, Recording artist Gary Go spent a week in this particular room finishing some of the writing and production for his upcoming album. We've also begun to use the space as Isolation for Front of House sound for live gigs.  Audio crews for Alicia Keys, Foreigner, Bruno Mars, Jeff Beck, and Bon Jovi were the first to try out this space for their respective productions during the first month after completion.